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Online Resources
Recommended Books
Free Web Page Space

During the course of this class, you are encouraged to utilize outside resources to assist in your learning of HTML and other aspects of creating web pages. In order to facilitate your learning, online resources will be provided in each lesson which can be used to supplement the lesson and take you beyond its scope. You should spend some time looking over what is available and try to utilize at least one of the resources provided per week to enhance your knowledge. You will be amazed at what you can learn from some from of these resources!

Online Resources
  • A Beginner's Guide to HTML
    If you want to look at only ONE resource, this one should be it. Included are links to other resources to help you keep learning.

  • HTML 4.01 Spec
    The most recently recommended HTML standard.

  • Intro to HTML 3.2
    The previous HTML standard can be found here.

  • Bare Bones Guide to HTML
    Claims to have all the latest HTML tags, now for HTML 4. A big plus is that the information is available in a number of languages including Spanish, French, German and Japanese.

  • Index DOT Html and Index DOT Css: THE Advanced HTML/CSS References
    An excellent and comprehensive resource.

  • Maricopa Writing HTML Tutorial
    Lesson format, popular with past students!

  • HTML Goodies "Tutorials" Pages
    Honestly, one of the best places to find out how to learn different web-page related tasks. This link is to a section full of tutorials, but don't forget to view the rest of the site.

  • HTML PitStop
    There are many step-by-step tutorials to begin a web page and put it on the web as well as ones to check later for more advanced topics.

  • BigNoseBird.Com: HTML, CGI Scripts and more for the webmaster
    This site is a lot of fun and has well presented information on a lot of topics.

  • BigNoseBird.Com's HTML tag guide
    Quick reference for the most common tags and their options.

  • HTML Help by the Web Design Group
    Information to create accessible sites regardless of browser, platform, or settings with a BBS to answer questions.

  • CNET Builder.com - Web Authoring - Spotlight on HTML

    You will find "Know the code: HTML for beginners" as well as stepping stones to many other areas and resources.

  • HTML Clinic
    Quick and easy to understand step-by-step tutorials. Coding tips has a section on how to copy and paste in Windows.

  • HTML Test Bed
    Practice HTML right online and save to file, no fuss no muss!

  • The HTML Reference Library
    An excellent downloadable resource for HTML info to use off line on a PC. Version 4 requires IE4 or greater to use it.

  • The HTML Reference Library v4.0

  • HTML Reference at reallybig.com
    Annotated list of links to many tutorials and resources.

  • Whatis.com
    An Online Internet Dictionary gives definitions of common Internet/web terms.

  • Anne's World: Web Page Resources
    Extensive coverage of information regarding nearly every HTML topic you could possibly want to find. By HTML Instructor Anne.

  • MAC Helpers
    Tutorial by HTML Team Members Blue and Kittycat to help MAC users. Lots of information and resources.

  • Web Page Design With AOL
    Tutorial, information and resources to help students using AOL. Written by past VU student DebbieL.

    Helpful tips and resources for WebTV users created by past VU student Chris.

  • Newbie Corner
    Zonie, VU HTML Team member, created these pages to help students taking online classes at VU. Some give directions for MAC and PC users to install and setup IRC programs to participate in online class meetings or communicate by ICQ. Others are designed to give help for web page related tasks using a PC and Win95 such as how to make a new folder.

    Tutorials and help pages created by VU instructors and students to answer your questions regarding basic HTML, graphics and programs that will make web page design and creation easier.

  • HTML Bits & Pieces
    We picked your brains and the BB to find all the bits and pieces that always seem to get left out . . . thanks eagle and nanaj for putting them all together! As you progress with the class, you might find the answers to your questions here. It is also helpful to reread prior lessons.

  • Zonie's mIRC setup for PC
    Get the VU Custom Version of mIRC to directly connect you to #chatcafe on webmaster.webchat.org where you can meet to share ideas and get help.

  • ICQ Tour
    Information and download. VU class members have found this a useful tool to communicate by direct online messages and chat. You can also send URLs and files to others.

  • timeanddate.com
    Online World Clock with Time Zones to find out local time, searchable by city and region.

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Recommended Books

"HTML Bookshelf" at the VU Campus Bookstore.
You will find an assortment of Tutorials and discount priced HTML books at the Campus Bookstore that you may find helpful. Proceeds from purchases made through the Campus Bookstore (an affiliate of amazon.com) will help keep the spirit of lifelong learning alive at VU.

HTML 4 for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide
by Elizabeth Castro. ISBN 0-201-69696-7
If you are looking for a book to take with you to those places that you can't take your computer, we recommend this one. It will give you a good, easy to understand introduction to HTML and won't have you breaking into your piggy bank. Remember we do not cover HTML 4 in class, so just use her references for HTML 3.2.

While we are not going to follow the book during class, it is a good idea to have at least one reference such as this one.

Free Online HTML Books!
InformIT - Your Online Guide to Tech Reference
Register online for the Free Library which offers HTML and related books online for free viewing over the Web. Topics covered include HTML, JavaScript, Java, CGI, Perl and many other computer technology and Internet related areas.

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Free Web Page Space
Many Internet Service Providers give free space to their members and you may not have to look any further than your ISP for a place to build your web home. One thing which you will want to consider when looking for a place to build your page is the ability to upload your own files (preferably) or at the very least create and edit your documents while online (important if you have WebTV). Some free page space locations only allow you to use their online forms to fill in a limited amount of information in a predetermined manner. Since you will want to create your own pages, this type of web space is not going to be of much use. We listed the places we have found most reliable and constant.

  • Yahoo! GeoCities
    15 MB free space. EZ uploading from the online File Manager. FTP access is only available with pay packages.

  • Tripod
    20 MB free space.

  • BigNoseBird.Com's Homesteading Page- Where to stick your site for free!
    Suggestions for what to look for in free hosting with reviews for services recommended by Bruce - NetFirms.com, VirtualAve.com and HyperMart. Some host business sites for free.

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